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We loved the hippos at the San Diego Zoo!

Tips for visiting the San Diego Zoo…

*disclosure:  Our visit was partially comped by the San Diego Zoo.  All opinions expressed here are ours. While we were staying near San Diego, we chose to lay low over the Christmas holiday break.  That was a great choice for us, and we loved the rv park we were in, but that also left only […]

The Creation & Earth History Museum has a great health display!

Creation & Earth History Museum, Santee, CA…

Did you know that there is a creation museum right outside of San Diego?!?!   The Creation & Earth History Museum is located in Santee, California. We spent 2 weeks at an RV resort near San Diego, so we decided to check it out (along with a few other must-visit San Diego destinations).   The […]

sauteing bacon and veggies, in the Instant Pot. for rice and beans.

RV Kitchen Tips – Instant Pot

One of the hardest things about fulltime traveling has been the challenges that I face with trying to cook for a (larger than average) family in our small rv kitchen!  There are certain kitchen tools that made my job much easier in the house, that I just don’t have room for in the rv! Our […]

stacking bags of soup mix to be packed in barrels for shipment.

Volunteering at YWAM’s Gleanings for the Hungry…

We spent two and a half weeks volunteering at YWAM’s Gleanings for the Hungry in Dinuba, California.  Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is a non-denominational Christian organization that encompasses a bunch of different ministries including lots of DTSs (Discipleship Training Schools) and mission trips. *You can read more about why we volunteer on the road, […]

The sample bar at the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, CA.

Jelly Belly Factory Tour – what a treat!

This year has been quite a different experience for us than the previous 5 (yes – can you believe we are working on our SIXTH year of traveling!?!).   We realized that we were skipping some great stops just because we had been there before – but that was years ago, and the littles were […]

Been There Done That

No such thing as star fish, this is really a sea star!

The Family Guide to Tide Pooling…

Our kids did not grow up visiting the ocean.  But it is now one of our favorite places to go! And one of our most anticipated activities on the coast is to go tide pooling! The first time that we ever tide pooling, we had no clue what we were doing.  It was still a […]

watching the sharks in the Passages of the Deep area in the Newport, OR aqaurium

Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, OR – why we went back!

One of the very first destinations that we stopped at on our first year out, was the Oregon Coast Aquarium, in Newport, OR.  Since that time we have measured all other aquarium visits against it, and I have often wondered if its high ranking in our esteem was partially influenced by it being our first […]

so fun we stayed and clammed until sunset!

Clamming near Florence, Oregon…

Florence, Oregon, holds a special place in our hearts.  It is one of the first places that we stopped and spent time in on our first month on the road!  It was where we first heard of, and tried, sand boarding, it’s where we spent days and days clamming and crabbing, and it’s where we […]

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Playground equipment at the Phoenix RV Campground in Salem, OR

Phoenix RV Park in Salem, Oregon…

After we spent two wet and rainy weeks on the coast, near Pacific City, OR, we were ready for a change.   So we pulled up the jacks and drove to Salem a few days early.  We would be volunteering in Salem, but had a few days to kill before then. We had done some […]

The Wise River area of sw MT is a gorgeous scenic byway drive!

Wise River, Montana and the Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway…

There are so many beautiful areas to discover in the northwest, but one of our very favorites is the Wise River, Montana area!  Wise River is a gorgeous valley river that meanders through the southwest corner of Montana.  It stretches out for miles, snaking its way over rocks and between mountains.  For part of it’s […]


RV Tanglewood Campground, Winston-Salem, NC…

While my crew was volunteering in High Point, we stayed part of the time in a Thousand Trails park that is part of our membership, but we also spent 4 nights at Tanglewood campground, which is closer to Winston-Salem since we wanted to explore that area. We spent 4 nights at Tanglewood RV campground, which […]

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Just Us. Life

volunteering as a family while traveling

Family Volunteering Opportunities…

Everyone who knows us, knows that one of our on-the-road passions is for volunteering. The first year that we traveled, it was a big vacation; and that is just what we wanted it to be – one big, educational, exciting, and fun road trip.  And that was great!  We would do it all over again […]

berkey water filter |

Why we travel with a Berkey Water Filter…

Our RV has really big tanks – we can run with 110 gallons of fresh water on board.  And while that works great for us when we are back in Montana camping, and we can fill up with the well water we love, relying on other water sources doesn’t always work so great for long […]

volunteering with a Samaritan's Purse DR team

Disaster Relief slideshow…

One of the things that keeps us loving our time on the road, is the freedom that it gives us to drive to different places that have been hit with some sort of natural disaster, and then to help clean-up and rebuild afterwards.  Vaughn, and the kids that are old enough,  love to volunteer with […]

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