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We took out our built in kitchen garbage can and turned the cupboard into a small pantry. |

RV Mod – Garbage cupboard to pantry…

I LOVE an rv mod!!! ¬†Oftentimes, that means that I love to have Vaughn and the boys remodel the rv for me. ūüėČ ¬† But, I really stink at taking before pics, because I am a jump in and start ripping it apart the minute I think of it kind of person! ¬†So, I don’t […]

Our very effective recipe for treating eczema and dry skin.

EOs on the Road – Essential Oil recipe for dry skin cream…

*this post contains affiliate links.¬† I love life on the road. ¬†Some of the challenges of large family living have forced us to rethink how we do things, and in some cases, change how we do things, or what products¬†we purchase. Because of our limited space, essential oils have become a valuable resource for us. […]

Fishing in Georgia while filming for SpiegelTV |

SpiegelTV – Our Traveling Tribe film…

Over a year ago, we spent 3 days with a producer for the German magazine Spiegel, to film an online special for SpiegelTV, a news website. ¬†We checked them out before we agreed to spend time with them, but still wondered how it would turn out. ¬†The footage was for a filler clip, and honestly, […]

How we arrange the pantry in our RV. |

RV Basics – Top 5 RV kitchen tools…

While our family would consider ourselves resourceful, around our house having the right tool for the job is considered a must. Over the 6 years that we have been fulltime RVing and traveling, I have found this rule especially applies to the RV kitchen! ¬†Cooking for 10+, in such a limited space, 3 meals a […]

Even little kids are great hikers! With the right equipment and some encouragement, these kids can put on the miles! |

6 Things We’ve Learned from 6 Years of Fulltime RVing…

We get so many comments about how hard it must be, or how different it must be, to live in an RV compared to a house. ¬† ¬†After 6 years, it all just seems very normal to us. ¬†Last month our new RV was in the shop for warranty work. ¬†While it was being worked […]

Been There Done That

We love Texas State Parks, and the Texas State Parks Pass makes visiting them super affordable! |

Why you should buy a Texas State Parks Pass…

There are so many incredible things to see and do in Texas, and many of those are within Texas State Parks! ¬†There are over 90 Texas State Park locations. ¬†Many of those locations charge a day use fee, which is a per person fee (as opposed to per vehicle). ¬†As reasonable as those fees are, […]

Catching Red Drum in the Gulf of Mexico. |

So Much to Love about Padre Island National Seashore!

Every year, for the past 5 winters, we have traveled south for the season. ¬†We have explored cross-country, from California to Florida, and while we have found lots of favorite places, some of which we have gone back to more than once, there is just one place that we absolutely must return to each year… […]

Did you know that the Lyndon B Johnson National Historic Park is a working ranch? |

Lyndon B Johnson State Park and NHS…

We love to visit historic sites while we are traveling, and if they are enjoyable, as well as educational, that’s an extra bonus! ¬† The Lyndon B Johnson State Park in Texas Hill Country is definitely both! The LJB State ark is really unique in that it incorporates a living history farm, working cattle ranch, […]

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Practicing shooting at the Clark County Shooting Range in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Family Friendly Clark County Shooting Complex, Las Vegas, NV…

This year, we spent some time in Nevada. ¬† Our oldest son came to travel with us for a few weeks, and we met him in Las Vegas. ¬†Las Vegas isn’t exactly the most family friendly town – in fact, it’s one of our least favorite places to visit! ¬†But, there are a few family-friendly […]

Playground equipment at the Phoenix RV Campground in Salem, OR

Phoenix RV Park in Salem, Oregon…

After we spent two wet and rainy weeks on the coast, near Pacific City, OR, we were ready for a change. ¬† So we pulled up the jacks and drove to Salem a few days early. ¬†We would be volunteering in Salem, but had a few days to kill before then. We had done some […]

The Wise River area of sw MT is a gorgeous scenic byway drive!

Wise River, Montana and the Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway…

There are so many beautiful areas to discover in the northwest, but one of our very favorites is the Wise River, Montana area! ¬†Wise River is a gorgeous valley river that meanders through the southwest corner of Montana. ¬†It stretches out for miles, snaking its way over rocks and between mountains. ¬†For part of it’s […]

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Just Us. Life

Modest girl swimsuits…

I receive a lot of compliments on our little girls’ swimsuits. ¬†It’s not that they are extra special, or necessarily made of an adorable fabric, it’s that there is something charming about seeing little girls dressed like little girls…cute, feminine, and modest. ¬†But mostly modest. Why is it fashionable for little boys to be wearing […]

A Berkey water purifier is perfect for RV use to make sure that no matter the source, you have safe drinking water. |

Why we travel with a Berkey Water Filter…

Our RV has really big tanks – we can run with 110 gallons of fresh water on board. ¬†And while that works great for us when we are back in Montana camping, and we can fill up with the well water we love, relying on other water sources doesn’t always work so great for long […]

Our new toy hauler! |

Dear RV Dealer…How you make buying a new rv hard…

If you follow us on facebook, you know that our recent RV purchase was more work than it should have been.   Buying a new RV should have been fun and exciting, but our journey was fairly frustrating. ¬†And here’s why… Dear RV Dealer… It had been five years since our last fifth wheel purchase, […]

Time to take our new rv home and move in!

Our New Home…

If you’ve been following our happenings over on facebook, you know that lately we’ve been a little distracted with all that has been going on! ¬†We have been on the lookout for a new family friendly toy hauler for our tribe. ¬†We found the new RV that we wanted to call home, which meant a […]


It’s time for a new house…

Our family has been fulltime RVing for over 5 and a half years! ¬†Even tho we have just 8 kids along for the ride right now, all 12 of our children have traveled fulltime with us. ¬† During that time we have had good times and bad. ¬†It seems like no matter what your life […]

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