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The Crew recently had the chance to review a new DVD missionary series called The Wild Brothers.  The DVDs chronicle the 4 Wild brothers’ missionary lives in Papua Indonesia.

We were sent volume 1 and volume 4 to view. I would give the age range on these from about 5 to 9; each volume contains 3 15 minute episodes. We didn’t really include them in our day as ‘schoolwork’, but just sat down to watch them. At the end of each episode are a few ideas for some extra activities, but we haven’t found any that we really want to do.

I was interested in the DVD set as I thought that my kids would find the lives of the native peoples interesting, but the DVDs are mostly about the 4 young Wild brothers, and not much about the tribe (we were interested in what they believe in, customs, what daily life is like and why…).  I’m afraid that this really isn’t quite what I envisioned it was going to be, and my kids really haven’t shown much of an interest. ~Course, not that they have shown an interest in much lately with as busy as we have been!

Each DVD lasts approx. 45 minutes, and costs $19.95.   If you would like to check out what other Crew members had to say about the Wild Brother’s DVDs, you can find other reviews on the Crew Review Blog.

*Disclaimer:  I recieved a copy of each of the DVDs mentioned in exchange for my honest opinion of the product.

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