All good things eventually come to an end – even bass fishing in Texas

(in this case, the end of our bass fishing in Texas is signified by a 2 week park limit, and a full freezer!)
We just finished up 2 weeks in one of our favorite places ever.  A little RV park located just west of Houston, on the Colorado River.12.27 005We spent the ENTIRE 2 weeks fishing.  We is not all inclusive, but pretty close.12.27 016The kids had pitched in to buy Vaughn a cordless filet knife for Christmas.  And boy was he thankful they did.  Over the course of those 2 weeks, there were A LOT of fish to clean.12.27 020We chose an RV site down in the lower loop, not too far from the river, and the boys would walk down there every day.12.29.13 002and more often than not, bring back a stringer of fish.12.29.13 004They took the kayaks down and fished out of them, and even floated the river for miles, taking out just outside of town.
A week into our 2 week stay, our Road Grands pulled in!!!  Those two were inseparable…LOL!kent 008Last year on New Year’s Eve, the park put together a potluck and party; everyone that went seemed to have a great time; two other couples, and our tribe, made it up to midnight (we were not planning on staying that long!).
When we got to the park this year, we learned that nothing was planned. :(  At the last minute, we decided that, even though the manager was gone, we’d do something anyway (hehehe! 😉 ), so we invited everyone down to the activity center for snacks and games.  We took copies of a hand-written invite (because I still can’t stomach Windows 8 on the new (neglected) laptop), and the girls decorated them and hand delivered them.
The party had a good turnout, and I think everyone had a good time again this year!nyeve 001The next day, it was back to fishing! LOL!  My girls are great fisherladies…  😉nyeve 008Not a bad day…co rvr tt 015We had friends parked right across from us, and the kids had such a good time playing together!  co rvr tt 017We didn’t arrive to the park with Uno Flash, but a sweet couple that were parked just down from us brought it over on New Year’s Day with a note thanking the kids for being so well behaved down at the activity center.  We wish we would have had more time to get to visit with Richard (The Bald Guy :) ) and Peggy; Peggy even shared some Cajun recipes with me.  I made one of them tonight!   😀

We had dinner together with our other fulltime family neighbors and our Road Grands, several times.  Last Thursday, our grands made dinner for us all!!!  It’s not a big deal to invite 2 more when I’m already cooking for 11, but they made dinner for 19; they are used to cooking for 2!  LOL!   It was very good. and sweet of them.  <3co rvr tt 022Then we hung out at the activity center for the rest of the night.  Those guys are way louder and boisterous when playing ping pong than the kids ever are! LOL!co rvr tt 023The weather was chilly during our stay, so we didn’t get to use the pool this year, but for a treat, we did go to the Houston Zoo one day.girls 001The next day, it was back to fishing!  Dad took turns taking the girls out in one of the kayaks…fishing 013Even Caleb, the boy who HATES water, requested a ride.  A long 015Dad and Caleb caught this little guy sitting on a log by the bank.  He (it?) was so cute!!!!!  We took him home to show to Beth, who was back at the camper; on our way, while we were walking through the campground, we met a couple who asked Savanna what she was going to name him. fishing 032
NO, we didn’t keep him! LOL!
Tho Caleb thought we should!fishing 037Savanna’s biggest fish that day…fishing 044Thomas had a couple nice ones in his limit too…  :)fishing 053They fished so hard on their last ‘fishing day’, that this was what they had to clean that night…  😀fishing 056By the time they came off the river, it was dark. The guys moved the picnic table to the back of the 5er, and we turned on the flood lights so they could see to filet and package them.   Daddy ‘needed’ Molly to hold a flashlight so he could see better.  😉fishing 061
Vaughn learned that the battery on his electric filet knife lasts through 25 decent sized Large Mouth Bass.  5 had to be done by hand! LOL!

The shaggy boy…co rvr 005got his ears lowered, as did the other boys (they just didn’t get their pics taken 😉 ) thanks to Beth.  co rvr 006It was yet another fabulous 2 week stay for this “Little House on the Prairie” (the park’s nickname for us) at one of our favorite places in the country.  co rvr tt 004Last night and tonight find us a few hours away, but still near Houston.  We spent today going grocery shopping (which can be a big deal around here) and doing some research for the next leg of our travels.

One of the things that we really like to do when we are on the road, is to try the local cuisine.  Tonight we had Shrimp & Crab Etouffee – some ‘local cuisine’, a little early…tomorrow we will be heading over to Louisiana!!!co rvr 009We will be spending the next week exploring Louisiana, and have all sorts of fun destinations lined up to visit!!!   …and you’ll never guess where Beth requested we go for her 18th birthday (which is on Sunday).  yep.  (if you’re not sure where that would be, scroll back up to her fish pic for a hint 😉 ).
I’ll be sure to post the tradition tourist pics from there! LOL!   :)

Lilla Rose

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  1. That’s just ridiculously awesome!

  2. Makes me wish we were still on the road! Love how you just feel the bond of love your family has with one another as you share these exciting and memory building experiences! Have fun in Louisianna! :)

  3. Scott and Janet Harper says:

    Hi Ticknors

    WOW that is amazing the amount you guys catch! We SO wish we were still on the road and enjoying the wonderful life of adventures! Home is good…..but life is not as simple.
    We LOVE reading your blog and send blessings to you all.
    Much love
    The Harper Family

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