Duck Commander headquarters and Beth’s 18th b-day!

Last weekend, we HAD to visit West Monroe, Louisiana while we were in the vicinity (which according to my kids is about a 300 mile radius) – W Monroe was close enough to our RV park near Houston, apparently.
Why (?) do you ask.  Well, if you have to ask, you probably won’t get it.  😉

photo op Duck Commander |

When you visit the warehouse, there is a large parking lot (which isn’t really RV friendly, so get there early and park with a straight out!LOL! – we left our rv in the Walmart parking lot nearby), and it is just a short jaunt past the DD trucks to the showroom.  About a block away is Willie’s Diner (which we didn’t go to since we had other stops we wanted to see during our short time in Monroe).

Outside of the warehouse were various trucks/rvs decked out in fun wraps – they made for great photo ops.
The Duck Dynasty warehouse is just like in the show, only on tv they don’t show you the sales showroom, which is where we got to visit.  The showroom is a large area that is filled with all sorts of DC stuff for sale – from shirts and hats, to duck calls and posters.

Duck Commander |

The boys picked up some Duck Commander hats, and I found a bumper sticker for the back of the toy hauler.  :)
With 11 people in 400 sq ft, we don’t do a lot in the line of souvenirs! LOL!

Robertson beards |

We spent nearly an hour in the showroom before we headed out to our next stop (Chennault Air Museum).
On our way out, we had to take this ‘touristy’ shot (because the other pics aren’t touristy, right?)…and it was the thing to do – there was a line for taking pics under this sign! 😀Super fun stop if you are a Duck Commander fan!


We were blessed to have left at just the right time!
There was a crowd on the side of the building, and people were lining up for a picture with and to talk to Godwin.  We started down the side of the building just as the group left, and we even walked slow so Godwin would have a chance to escape in the lull before we got there (and yes, we were already walking that way, he was between us and the van – the kayaks in the pic below will testify to that 😉 ).

A stop at Duck Commander Buck Commander is a fun stop in NE Louisiana!

But he was nice enough to offer to take a pic with the kids :)

Duck Commander Godwin |

We were really glad that we changed up all our plans, and took an extra week to explore I-20!  We loved our stay in Shreveport, and our time in Monroe!  The people were so friendly, the area beautiful, and there was so much to see and do!  Visiting the Duck Commander Headquarters was a fun stop, and the kids love having the pics in front of the building, and with Godwin – when they watch our DD DVDs, they just smile and say, “been there, done that”.  😉
40 states, 90+ National Parks, numerous zoos, aquariums, museums, historical sites, beaches…and this was one of their fav stops in our 4 years as fulltime RVers! LOL!

Jake also bought a ‘Phil for president’ shirt.  (


Beth’s 18th birthday was Sunday.  Down here, you buy Blue Bell Ice Cream.period.

It went well with her cheesecake. :) We gave her cash, and a Montana Silversmiths bracelet that matches earring that her older brothers, Greg and Eli, had given her earlier…

ourtravelingtribe.comWe spent the weekend in Monroe/West Monroe, and we happened to see all the guys from Duck Dynasty, Miss Kay, and even Mountain Man!!!  Yep, it was pretty fab.  And while we didn’t try to meet them (because stalking gives me the willies 😉  ), they seemed to be very much who they are on the show (well, the show is a little exaggerated of course 😉 ).
I think our birthday girl enjoyed her weekend.   <3

Lilla Rose

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    Sounds like a wonderful day! We don’t watch the show, but I do like what I’ve heard about this family. They stand up for what they believe in!

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